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Information for Swedish Lapland travellers in regards to the corona virus

As we all know, our world right now is not what it once was. The pandemic has defined our present. 

We have gathered some of the information about travelling to Swedish Lapland, as well as restrictions and recommendations when staying in Sweden.

Travelling restrictions for Sweden

The latest information from Swedish authorities regarding travel restrictions to Sweden can be found here.

We ask you to closely monitor statements and guidance issued by your home country’s public authorities, health officials and embassy, in order to receive timely information on matters such as quarantine instructions upon arrival at home.

Flying to Sweden

Airline operators may ask you to wear a face mask, and may also may require passengers to show a health statement. Check this with your operator before travelling. 

Everyday life in Swedish Lapland

The latest information from Swedish authorities regarding restrictions during your stay in Sweden can be found here.

Read more about Covid-19 in Sweden at the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Tests for travel certificates

ExpressCare provides Covid-19 virus diagnostic and travel certification services. More specifically PCR tests, Antigen tests (rapid tests) and travel certificates. Booking via their website

Vaccina provides PCR-test and Antigen tests in Skellefteå. Booking via their website
Vaccininorr provides PCR-test and Antigen tests in Skellefteå. Booking via their website

ExpressCare offers PCR- and Antigen-tests in Luleå. Booking via their website

Hermelinen Sjukvård, a private clinic in Luleå city, offers PCR-test for groups of minimum 7 persons and Antigen tests. Contact kajsa.h.pettersson@hermelinen.se for more info and bookings.  

DrSvar, private clinic in Luleå that offers PCR- and Antigen tests. www.drsvar.se Contact: Susanne Wikman at lulea@drsvar.se for more info and bookings.

MACC Scandinavia provides PCR-tests and Antigen tests in Boden. Booking via their website

Stockholm / Arlanda Airport
PCR-tests are offered at Arlanda Airport. A stay of at least 10 hours in Stockholm is required.
Nordic Ways – Read more and book here.
AirPort Sky – Read more and book here
Vaccina – Read more and book here

Reduce the spread of infection:

  • If you feel unwell, stay at home.
  • If you are not vaccinated, keep a safe distance.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

FAQ from The Public Health Agency of Sweden

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