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This is how Care for the Arctic works

Based on the overall agenda Care for the Arctic we wish to present several recommendations and guidelines for how the destination’s main stakeholders, tourism and hospitality companies, travellers and enablers can act to strengthen our region as an attractive place to live and work. The advice in the toolbox guides stakeholders in making active and informed choices, making thoughtful decisions, and taking responsibility.

What’s in the toolbox?

The toolbox contains several advices for each key stakeholder.

How does it work?

The method is based on the understanding of shared responsibility and that collective action for change is vital. When we work together, development is driven in the desired direction. Therefore, it is essential that you, as a stakeholder, familiarize yourself with all parts of the toolbox. In this way, for example, an entrepreneur can know what requirements can be placed on public stakeholders and how to make it easier for visitors to take responsibility during their trip.

Who does Care for the Arctic address?

The main stakeholders of the destination:

  • Visitors
  • Companies in the hospitality industry
  • The ecosystem of social actors as enablers: municipal and regional actors, authorities and parts of civil society that influence the conditions for developing the hospitality industry.

At Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, we believe that meaningful, positive change can happen when enough individuals become agents of change, creators of meaning and hosts who help each other learn and want to contribute to the well-being of the local community and future generations. Together, we are paving a new way forward to build a form of hospitality that benefits our communities.

What does Swedish Lapland Visitors Board do?

The Swedish Lapland Visitors Board has drawn up Norrbotten’s strategic roadmap for Sweden’s Arctic destination in 2030, of which Care for the Arctic – it’s our home is a part, on behalf of Region Norrbotten. We want to make a difference by sharing the agenda with our Arctic region’s stakeholders and working actively by integrating Care for the Arctic into our daily work. It is, among other things, about the content we create what activities we offer companies and how we involve and engage stakeholders and partners.

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