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Care for the Arctic

The arctic region of Sweden is characterised by magnificent nature; Sweden’s highest mountains and deepest lakes, the mighty national rivers and woodlands. It is a slowly evolving arctic cultural landscape, shaped by the living conditions faced by people who have lived here for thousands of years. Close proximity to nature has created an arctic lifestyle, born out of customs and traditional knowledge. 

But the Arctic is also part of a world in which climate change is taking place faster than ever. Our place is threatened.

Therefore, we present Care for the Arctic, an arctic agenda for a more responsible destination. It serves as a guide for those who visit our region and for those who work in, or are in some way positively or negatively affected by, the tourism sector. With care and respect for the place and for those who have shaped it we will continue to preserve and enjoy it. 

Together, we wish to be the Arctic’s most responsible destination.

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