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Be a more responsible enabler

Acting as a responsible businessperson or visitor can only be possible under the right conditions. For this to be possible, enablers – municipal and regional actors, public authorities, civil society and others – must assume their responsibility on the journey towards becoming the Arctic’s most responsible destination. Collaboration is crucial for success in realising sustainable development for humans and the environment.

Collaborate locally.

Collaborate in both old and new constellations to find the right forms of interaction and common goals for development. That benefits all who live and work in your location.  The tourism and hospitality network economy and value chains include many different sectors and also have a bearing on public-sector and not-for-profit services.

Understand the visitor’s needs.

Give visitors the opportunity to take advantage of our common services and infrastructure. Gain knowledge about visitors’ specific needs and be aware of, and attentive to, conditions in the tourism and hospitality sector. In this way, many obstacles can be overcome and you create new values for your local community.

Clarify the terms of responsible land use.

Plan and create long-term guidelines for a responsible destination. Many tourism companies operate on land they do not own, making permitting procedures, agreements, designated areas for tourism-related activities and an understanding of ‘right of common’ crucial for their success.

Increase accessibility.

Develop travel infrastructure by tailoring regional and local transit services to also meet visitor requirements. Prioritise regional investment in sustainable modes of transport on land, water and in the air, expanded charging infrastructure and road maintenance. Access to broadband and mobile-phone coverage in the region is also decisive.

Foster a business-friendly climate.

The tourism sector is highly dependent on public authorities and regulatory bodies, which places high demands on small and micro-companies. Review, design and apply processes ways that simplifies. Shortening the time it takes to process applications and the digitalisation of permitting processes are particularly important.

Attract and retain the right co-workers.

Labour and recruitment of competent, qualified people in all positions is a decisive factor for the success of the tourism and hospitality sector’s ongoing development. More training and more relevant training programmes directed at all levels of the sector are essential. Social inclusion creates the right conditions for an attractive place to live and work.

Stimulate change and innovation.

Gather insight to challenge established structures and business models using effective, tested methods and early-stage user testing. We are undergoing a paradigm shift; public policy and means of control must be coordinated to meet the future. A diverse group of individuals and expertise, united by a shared vision for our goals, will pave the way for fresh opportunities, pathways, and innovations. 

Learn about how the companies the travellers can become more conscious and responsible.

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