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Care for the Arctic Conference 2024

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🗓️ May 21-22 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (NECSTouR members only)

🗓️ May 22-23 Care for the Arctic – let’s extend the horizon together (a public thematic conference)

We are thrilled to present the NECSTouR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and thematic conference on-site in Luleå.

We will maximize the most of our time together, offsetting the journey with a promise to capitalize the best of NECSTouR collaborative knowledge and opportunities through our work program 2024, benchmark your 2030 targets with those of the other members, and define how NECSTouR should drive you there.

Keynotes by Guðrið Højgaard and Michael Green

Moderator is Kata Nylén
Joining us as speakers are also: Dieter K. Müller, Maria Wiberg, Lennart Pittja, Janus Brandin, Ann-Heidi Hansen and Camila Bondareva. Read more here!

The conference is part of NECSTouRs network and joining us you will find European, Scandinavian, and Swedish regions, researchers, marketers and policymakers

We want to give you the opportunity to learn more about the region and the future of regenerative tourism. The conference offers possibilities to make new and maintain previously established relations and make plans for the future with the hospitality industry in Swedish Lapland.

What to expect
Networking moments with your European partners, valuable insights from the members and relevant stakeholders, workshops within the framework of the European Year of Skills and the Tourism of Tomorrow Lab, knowledge trips, and much more will be offered by Swedish Lapland Visitors Board

Moreover, our Thematic Conference will offer you the opportunity to learn good practices on regenerative tourism, how to work with an agenda for tourism governance and strategies to achieve sustainable tourism goals.

Who can participate?
The AGM gathers all the NECSTouR Members who meet annually to vote on policy, priorities, membership and all other general matters related to the Network.

Please note: The thematic conference is offered at a prize of 2.995 SEK (no VAT included) – Swedish Lapland Visitors Board invites 2 persons per organization to join free of cost!

The participation on 21st of May and morning of 22nd of May is for NECSTouR members only.

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