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Sami ribbons and patterns

The ribbon for your conference-badge is not just any ribbon. The duo Lotta Stoor and Pierá Niila Stålka are the people behind Stoorstålka, Jokkmokk/ Jåhkåmåhkke. They do design by Sámis, for Sámi people, and equally cool souls. Beautiful, smart, and practical products with inspiration from our Sami heritage.

In addition to the ribbons having a practical function, you can also tell from the different pattern and coloring of the woven ribbons which geographical Sami area the person comes from, and whether it is a ribbon for a woman, man or child.

Nilsa – a pattern from a Sami shoe ribbon.


The pattern comes from a Sami shoe ribbon that is wrapped around the ankle over the shoe shaft to keep the shoe in place and prevent snow and water from entering. This specific comes from one of Stoorstålka’s founder and owner, Lotta Stoor’s grandfather Nilsa Stoor. Nilsa’s family was from the north side of Torne träsk/Duortnosjávri, northwest of Kiruna.

Ristin – a pattern from a northern Sápmi apron band.


The pattern comes from a northern Sápmi apron band – firkalbáddi, a woven longer ribbon used by Sami women along with their apron. The pattern is named after Lotta Stoor’s aunt Ristin, as this band comes from her personal collections of patterns.

Avvi – with a pattern from a woven northern Sápmi women’s belt.


Avvi is a Sami word for belt, and the pattern is taken from a woven northern Sápmi women’s belt worn with the traditional clothing/kolt/gákti. The original version is wider as it consists of three ribbons that are sewn together to get the right width.

Dimis – a pattern inspired by decorative ribbons on the Sami colt.


Dimis means soft in Sami, referring to the Sami duodji/handicrafts made in soft materials such as cloth, yarn and leather etc. The pattern is inspired by decorative ribbons traditionally sewn onto the Sami colt.

Photo: Private. Pierá Niila and Lotta in Muddus National Park, Jokkmokk.

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