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Get around, souvenirs and gifts

To get around

The city centre of Luleå are not big and you can easily get around by walking. Most of the venues for the conference are located close to the centre, and for the ones which are not we will take you there by bus.

In this map you can see the different venues, the hotels and other important places.

Tourist center, souvenirs and gifts

Want something special to take home for your family and friends?

At Lapland Heartwork you can find local design and handicraft. The store is located at Smedjegatan 13, Luleå.

At Luleå Tourist Center you can gather more information about Luleå and what to do and see while here. The Tourist Center is located inside Kulturens hus at Skeppsbrogatan 17.

Are you in to local food and beverages? At the supermarket Coop Loet (Storgatan 59) they have a local food-section. Look for the sign that says ”NOAH – lokal mat” or ask the staff for help.

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